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yBiodiesel.com is a living database of biofuel consumers and providers.
There are two basic types of users: CONSUMERS and PROVIDERS.
CONSUMERS can search our directory by zip code or other geographical criteria and obtain a listing of people and locations in that general area which are offering natural diesel fuel, spent cooking oil, and fresh vegetable oil. All of these natural oils are terrific sources of fuel for your diesel-powered vehicle, but you do need a biodiesel conversion as a prerequisite.
PROVIDERS can take advantage of this website by listing themselves in our directory. By being listed, you can publicise yourself as a source of natural fuels, enabling consumers to come to your location or order your oils over the phone or internet. Many providers give their spent cooking oil away for free, knowing that their used oil will be put to good use and be positive for the environment. But you can also list a cost for your biofuels on this site, meaning you can make money by selling your oil. This is a terrific way to earn a residual income. Many restaurants actualy pay a premium to dispose of these oils in accordance with environmental laws.
MyBiodiesel.com is "liberating the world, one oil company at a time." By using this service you are making a positive difference for the planet and its use of fossil fuels.
If you have any questions, please contact us.
Biodiesel in the news
Family goes to Argentina on biodiesel A family drove from the US to argentina using only spent vegetable oil aquired along the way, in an effort to publicise the use of biofuels.
Homebrew Biodiesel These guys on Slashdot are making their own gasoline! With instructions on how to produce your own from natural diesel, spent vegetable oil, and fresh veggie oil.
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